I'm Alexander Thiel

he/they. Founder, CTO, Adviser, Consultant.

About Me

I thrive when solving complex problems. I'm happy, committed, ambitious and sociable. I create space to be awesome for my teams. I scaled several startups as CTO and just took a climate sabbatical, creating impact with key players in the space.

I build caring high-performance environments. You'll want to work with me if you need an experienced CTO, strategic advise, or a great product. I regularly do due diligences and assess founding teams. I mentor on and co-create strategy, go-to-market, product, software architecture, team setup, leadership, and personal development.
With 25 years hands-on experience, I love getting my hands dirty every now and then to quickly build high-quality software.
I enjoy traveling, dancing, reading, and conversations about crypto, the climate, our social fabric, and the coming discontinuities.

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Alexander Thiel
Oppelner Straße 46-47
10997 Berlin

[email protected]

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